Few months ago , i notice that there is this big pink backdrop  next to Quarto at Avenue K .

i thought probably it was just another new club will be opening … then again , few days later when i got to walk pass the big backdrop . i was shock to know that , is a boutique that will be opening soon instead of a club

i literally start screaming when i saw the brands that they will be carrying 🙂

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New hairstyle for Nic : The return of hair raising style

i ‘ve been thinking of changing hairstyle lately , browse thru all the fashion mag , runway pics .. i guess finally i ‘ve decided …..

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Rest In Peace -Alexander McQueen

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Nic’s Polyvore:My BB look

Nic’s Polyvore: My look for tomorrow’s casual friday


BOTTEGE VANETA , i always love their bags …

for this season,it might be a little exceptional , the bag doesnt really caught my attn but the suits did.

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Boat Shoes

i have a fetish for boat shoes , it just look so great  no matter with jeans with slacks and with shorts

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Burberry Prorsum Men’s Fall 2010

As you all know , Burberry Prorsum is a sub- brand from Burberry but focus more to young trendy & cater to young luxurious market . their last season ‘s spring summer adv campaign is one of my top fav adv campaign

Seeing the latest of its 2010 fall season , i absoultely love it 🙂

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I Want To Be Trend Setter BrianB

Speaking about passion huh, fashion plays a big big part in my life,I always love fashion and there’s always so much to learn in this industry, I once think that I m actually a very trendy guy;) but after getting obsess with mymanybags and bryanboy, I think I’m far far way behind and yet i still have long long way to go;) these blogs have inspired me about high fashion and bringing me to a whole néw level on fashion view , as what Brianboy always quote: fashion is getting genderless , boyfriend’s jacket and jeans look sooooo chic on gals and Brian looks ridiculously trendy with his heels and bling bling clutch, even Marc Jacobs adored him and named a bag after him .
Frankly speaking , instead of adoring them , I wanted to be like them, I wanted to have a say in fashion industry too, I wanted to have my own fashion n lifestyle blog and my very own perspective towards this glamorous industry … I wanted to be Malaysia’s Brian boy 😉 although I can’t afford as much luxurious brand as he do ( for f**k sake he owns a Berkin!)

Let’s start


好吧 , 本來就很愛看包包 ,最近 自己自從上次泰國回來後就對這個包包念念不忘 , 在馬力西亞Farah 阿姨沒有把英國高級皮革包包MULBERRY 引進

但是拖網路的福, MULBERRY 在不久前竟launch 了online  store , 喜歡的包包在賣 1100€ , 我還是怯步了一下下 ….


縱有一天我知道我還是會忍不住的….趕快到手吧 !