Leggings on Men

a friend of mine , ask me if is too over to wear legging for him , and he show me a pic of him wearing this gorgeous leopard print leggings , i love it ! and i m jealous he did it first before me . haha

whats wrong for guys with legging , is part of fashion at the end of the day if you feel good about wearing it , you ll shine !


About Akechi
As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!

4 Responses to Leggings on Men

  1. 文员 says:

    haha i like it too ….

  2. Akechi says:

    Hehhehe u go gal !

  3. Kelly says:

    i love men with legging, and i think is kinda rock !

  4. shonshon8 says:

    I’m cool with men wearing leggings, if they know how to rock it! However, I don’t know about the guy drinking beer with the striped leggings; might cause traffic accidents the crotch detail?? :X

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