#05N’s Officially Obsessed:Christian Louboutin Freddy Flat

Ever since Christian Louboutin have this stud shoes  ( Christian Louboutin Freddy Flat)  everyone been talking about it , then the full range came . Including Christian Louboutin Roller Ball & high cut sneakers

Pharrell William & Mika both carried it so well

But by knowing is a Christian Louboutin meaning your wallet never gonna go easy .it currently retailed at $1,800 USD(for a flat ???)

Or you could look for some alternate options or even DIY yourself :


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One Response to #05N’s Officially Obsessed:Christian Louboutin Freddy Flat

  1. People knows what happens to women who wear the famed red lacquered sole shoes-Christian louboutin shoes. They are instantly filled with a wicked sense of sexy self and fall hopelessly in love with its creator: the great shoe designer Christian louboutin. Christian Louboutin’s fascination for women’s footwear began as a child growing up in Paris, where he discovered the world of high fashion and glamour in the city’s nightlife. Christian louboutin boots early passion for dancing and showgirls inspired him to incorporate elements of costume into everyday designs

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