Pavilion Pit Stop An exciting prelude to Petronas Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

I know this happen last month , probably a little bit late to blog about it , but hey , is a preview of mostly local fashion designer , and i got great pictures , so why not ?

I have to say this event with the sponsors partner of MasterCard Worldwide, Malaysia Airlines, Official F1 Champagne G.H. Mumm, Lotus Racing, Sepang International Circuit (SIC) really bring Pavilion Pit Stop 2010 to the next level of excitement.

I love Bimba & Lola , they always surprise me , the Spain brand are very very hip , from head to toe , too bad they don’t carry man’s line , but once a while i still went to their store to check out their bags

Both brands Salabianca & Philosophy Men are local brand , i am so proud !

Tangoo , one of the big name in Malaysia , they are very famous for their couture like dresses , very drama , i love it !

I am glad we have all these fashion events going on around town , slowly Kuala Lumpur will be one of the biggest fashion capital city !