N’s Fashion Contribution

you got to understand , when he die, this happen to be the most depressing news ever happen to fashion industry, and everyone should get one of his stuff as a collection .and so , i bought this signature blue skull stone t shirt of his.

I love this jean :)looks fit and comfy too , at the end of the day , beside omfy , designer brand are very much on DETAILS too , check out the stud around the pocket , and i love the trashy washed out feeling too

my first D’SQUARED, bought itfrom Bread & Butter. love the color and the little detail at the pocket 🙂

let me post some pics once i got a chance to wear it 🙂


I got the ‘H’

well , you probably will say : NO !!!!! You didn’t !?

but ….. yes !!!!!!that’s why i say … i bought something ‘sinful’

Let’s open the little orange box ……

you probably already yelling at me now …..

it can be use as dark brown too !

this is more of  a formal color i guess .. whats the damage ? the buckle and the leather belt sell separately , total damage : USD 760

Fashion Extravanga

有沒有人告訴你我很熱愛fashion ? : )

有沒有人告訴你我看到Loafers 會瘋掉? :)

有沒有人告訴你我想有一雙Dior Homme 的鞋很久啦? :)

有沒有人告訴你我很愛每一年都買個新錢包好好犒賞自己? :)