Lot 10 Debenhams store opening x Matthew Williamson

Thanks to YTL Lot 10 , we got invited to the official opening of DEBENHAMS store in LOT 10 , and one of the special apperance guest will be one of the top designer i admire : Mr Matthew Williamson .

Me and Syaz are so excited bout him coming to town , imagine we are going to be in the same party just make me thrill !

The show is about to start …. where is him … ???

There he goes

Dont he just look FAB ! it was absolutely an honor meeting one of the greatest designer in the world , i hate Syaz even more when she told me she actually had an interview with him earlier at the store . argh!!!!!

Check out his tux , i love it !

All my friends , now Matthew Williamson line are finally available at LOT 10 Debenhams store , what ya waiting for ? shop your ass off !