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Street Snap 07: Chic

Stylo KL 2010

I must admit that i am actually quite disappointed when i went to the press conference that day at Pavillion , things are not well organized , seat are not enough etc ..

but still i feel Stylo is one of the fashion gala event you can’t afford to miss ,a highlight i wanna mention is they’re bringing down Marko Mitanovski,
noted as one of LFW’s “One to Watch”and has worked on pieces for Lady Gaga *

Now , my major problem is the launch party falls at the same date as the Spring fashion party which is 25 March ( Thursday) how i wish i can split into two to attend both ! i don’t even dare to think what i m gonna miss from either one of this party .

second problem is dress code , Pajamas party ???? seriously ? out of all theme , they pick pajamas ?  wordless……

I still haven’t decide which to go for actually , but no doubt that Thursday night, i m gonna be partying all night long!