#08N’s Offficially Obsessed :Mulberry Lyon

Mulberry never fail me , the new launch Mulberry Lyon for male 🙂

it looks simple yet very elegant and very very ‘Mulberry’, i personally hearted the oat color  leather tote .Sizing is also tailored to men, with measurements at 60cm width, 42cm height and 15cm depth. These lovely totes come in materials of smooth touch leather of gunmetal and oak or waxy suede of chocolate. The brass coloured hardware compliments the chocolate suede exceptionally well.

I have no idea when is it gonna launch but

i can’t wait !!!!!


#01N’s Officially Obsessed : Mulberry Alexa

whoops whoops , absolutly obsessed with this …..MULBERRY ALEXA

Mulberry name the bag after ALEXA CHUNG , she look so chic with it

damn it Bryan B got the yellow one !!!!!!!!

i personally hearted the blue one :


好吧 , 本來就很愛看包包 ,最近 自己自從上次泰國回來後就對這個包包念念不忘 , 在馬力西亞Farah 阿姨沒有把英國高級皮革包包MULBERRY 引進

但是拖網路的福, MULBERRY 在不久前竟launch 了online  store , 喜歡的包包在賣 1100€ , 我還是怯步了一下下 ….


縱有一天我知道我還是會忍不住的….趕快到手吧 !