Musa KL Opening -Trend Spotting

When i am in the fashion event , the most looking forward thing for me beside the show is trend spotting , damn it , i just wish i had a better camera in future so take i could take beautiful fashion snaps anytime anywhere !

Melissa  heels are very ‘gaga’

Henry Holand with his Louboutin sneaker, OMG !!!!!

Joyce , i really really heart this killer heel!!!! so Alexander Wang

I wish i could have that jacket


Leggings on Men

a friend of mine , ask me if is too over to wear legging for him , and he show me a pic of him wearing this gorgeous leopard print leggings , i love it ! and i m jealous he did it first before me . haha

whats wrong for guys with legging , is part of fashion at the end of the day if you feel good about wearing it , you ll shine !