Street Snap 10: I heart Paul Smith


Street Snap 08:B.V

Kenzo Canvas Tote

happens to walk pass Kenzo today , found this adorable canvas tote bag on the display window

love the painted leafs inspired prints , but is selling at RM2000 , for   a canvas bag ? hmmmm …

adorable bag but i dont think it worth the price …

#03N’s Officially Obsessed :Hermès Lust

Ok , Lets blog about Hermes .

Hermès is super expensive , lets face it , i cant afford to spend 20k on a Kelly Berkin now , even if someday i can , i may not get it .

but hey 🙂 Hermès is nice , exclusive and classy ~~~

browsing through bags between blogs and online store :

these two Hermès bag had me at hello 🙂

-Hermès Pursangle Bag

apparently limited edition bag which circulated mostly in Japan & Europe

but i lovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee it  !

DAMAGE : USD 8,500

Hermès Cabag Bag

i love the double handle thing 🙂

love the military green


So long , you know what , i can’t have it all but at least i blog about it !

#02N’s Officially Obsessed :Heritage Leather Co. 20″ Canvas Mason Bag

i browse throu one of my fav blogger post , he bought a gorgeous canvas mason bag , i think the bag looks purely great !  is not branded nor a designer’s bag, but the yellow leather at bottom just look so chic with the canvas , love love love !

and its not expensive either with a price of USD 79.00 ( Excluding shipping cost) ,but too bad the bags are sold out at the moment  . thankfully , there is another size 20” still available , just slightly worried it ll be too large 🙂

the website purchase only available within US , however i drop them an email to enquiries about possibility of shipping it internationally , hopefully will get a reply from them soon , finger cross ~