#07N’s Offficially Obsessed :ASOS High Leather Gladiator Sandal at ASOS x Christian Louboutin Sandal

ASOS Collection | ASOS High Leather Gladiator Sandal at ASOS.

This  Christian Louboutin look alike sandals , only cost £25.00 at ASOS , such a pity that they don’t ship to Malaysia !!!! ( they ship it to Singapore…. even Bangladesh !!??)

i so gonna find source to get this gladiator!!! please ASOS, please ship to Malaysia !!!

Christian Louboutin Gladiator Sandal


#05N’s Officially Obsessed:Christian Louboutin Freddy Flat

Ever since Christian Louboutin have this stud shoes  ( Christian Louboutin Freddy Flat)  everyone been talking about it , then the full range came . Including Christian Louboutin Roller Ball & high cut sneakers

Pharrell William & Mika both carried it so well

But by knowing is a Christian Louboutin meaning your wallet never gonna go easy .it currently retailed at $1,800 USD(for a flat ???)

Or you could look for some alternate options or even DIY yourself :